Apprenticeship Program

Cement Masons Joint Apprenticeship Program

The Greater St. Louis Cement Masons Joint Apprenticeship Program is the best place to learn the modern techniques of a time-honored craft, a craft that is in great demand, in which you can build a secure financial future.

Pictures of Apprentices at Work

What is the training program like and what does it cover?

Your training is “performance based”, which means you receive individual attention and progress at your own pace. You will complete a series of skill competency tasks. These can be arranged to match your employer’s needs so that you can be more productive on the job. Graduation from the apprenticeship program requires that you complete:

  • 31 skill competency tasks
  • 3,600 on the job hours
  • 288 classroom hours
  • A 10-hour OSHA course
  • An 8-hour MSHA course

Journey level courses are also available, including the OSHA and MSHA courses, to upgrade their personal qualifications. You will receive promotions and pay increases as you successfully complete the prescribed terms of the training program. The Cement Masons Joint Apprenticeship Program is designed to teach you all of the modern skills in a productive and safe environment.

How do I get in this training program?

Participation in the apprenticeship program is open to anyone who:

  1. Is at least 18 years old.
  2. Passes a substance abuse test.
  3. Has a letter of intent to be hired from a contributing contractor.

Applicants without a letter of intent may be eligible for our pre-apprenticeship program, a four-week program of hands-on learning, at no cost to the applicant. This program is designed to introduce applicants to the cement masons trade, making it easier to obtain a letter of intent to hire.

Where can I apply for this training program?

You can apply at the Construction Training School located at 6301 Knox Industrial Dr., St. Louis, Mo. 63139. Applications are accepted Monday through Friday, from 7:30 AM to 3:00PM.

Who can I contact about more information about the program?

If you would like more information regarding the Cement Masons Joint Apprenticeship Program you may contact the Program Coordinator Scott Downs at 314-644-1550.

Program Coordinator

Scott Downs